CompuCrissCross Details
CompuCrissCross is a challenging word game.  A 12,000-word dictionary allows the creation of more than 2 billion unique puzzles.  CompuCrissCross blanks are not numbered.  There are no clues.  The only hints are the way the blanks intersect and the number of letters in each word.

Drag and drop words from the word list into the appropriate spaces in the puzzle.  Right-click on a word to change its orientation from horizontal to vertical or vice versa.  Alternatively, while dragging a word, press the space bar to change the word's orientation while you are dragging it.  Or, to change orientation and drag the word in a single operation, simply drag the word with the right mouse button.

To remove a word from the puzzle, drag it away and drop it elsewhere, or double-click the word to send it back to its original position in the word list.

The background color of the word changes from orange to green when successfully placed in the puzzle.  This does not mean the word is correctly placed but simply that the word fits.  The puzzle is completed when all the words have been successfully placed.  Every puzzle has at least one solution.  One possible solution is shown when a puzzle is completed or when you 'surrender' by clicking the 'Surrender' menu item.

Too hard to get started?
Novices may need a hint to get started.  If this is the case, click the 'Hint' menu item to get the first word of the puzzle.

To create a new puzzle:
If a puzzle solution has been displayed after successful puzzle completion or surrender, click the <New Random Puzzle> button to randomly create a new puzzle.  If you prefer to select a particular puzzle, click the <New Puzzle (select puzzle number)> button, then type in a number.   If you want to create a new puzzle even though the current puzzle has not been completed or surrendered, click the 'File' menu item, then click 'New Random Puzzle' or 'New Puzzle (select puzzle number)'.


CompuCrissCross Version 1.0.1

CompuCrissCross is distributed as shareware.  This concept allows people to try-before-they-buy software.  Prospective users can download the program from the Internet for a free evaluation.  You can evaluate the program as many as 25 sessions with no cost or obligation. 

If you find the program useful and wish to continue using it, the Registration fee is $19.  Payment of the Registration fee entitles you to unlimited use of the program.  Click 'Register' in the menu section for details.


The shareware distribution zipped files ( or criscros.exe) may be freely distributed so long as they are not altered in any way and there is no charge (other than possibly a nominal distribution charge) to the recipient.

CompuCrissCross is copyright 2001 by Clark Stevens, Colleyville, TX